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Coaching and Monitoring


Governments managers or supervisors all have their own style of leadership, and those styles can have a great impact on those they lead. Those impacts can also influence an organization’s success and effectiveness. As a federal leader, you have the ability to develop your staff, help guide them along their career path, and improve agency performance through effective coaching and mentoring.

Incorporating coaching and mentoring into your leadership style is multidimensional. Whether instructing employees through on-the-job training or guiding them through change and transition, your ability to be an effective coach can inspire and foster creativity, trust, and workplace pride, ultimately leveraging your team’s talents and skills to enhance organizational performance.

Focused on the Following Competencies:

  • Conflict Management

  • Developing Others

  • ECQ 2: Leading People

  • Interpersonal Skills


  • 3 days


  • Online

  • Jun 24-26, 2024 at online course, Tuition: $199  (#04211) 
    Start Time: 8:30 AM Eastern Time | End Time: 5:00 PM Eastern Time

  • Aug 12-14, 2024 at online course, Tuition: $680  (#4512)  
    Start Time: 8:30 AM Eastern Time | End Time: 5:00 PM Eastern Time

What You'll Benefits

In this course, you’ll learn and apply proven coaching and mentoring concepts, tools, and skills to help build strong teams, including:

  • Why demonstrating empathy, respect, openness, and approachability to employees at all levels helps build trust.

  • How effective coaching methods prepare you to identify and maximize opportunities for formal or informal learning for your employees.

  • When to use active listening, powerful inquiry, and detailed feedback to provide clarification of outcomes in employee development conversations.

  • How leveraging productive conflict through coaching prepares you to anticipate potential conflict situations and diffuse them before they escalate.

  • Why your ability to develop coaching and mentoring skills helps others reach the next performance level, and make productive choices about career direction.

  • How helping employees develop their leadership competencies and technical skills improves your organization's overall performance.


Who Should Attend


  • Anyone in a position to coach or mentor other employees, formally or informally.

  • Managers or supervisors who may coach or mentor within their agency's succession plan, or who want to develop others on their staff.





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