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Changing Effective Leaders into Global Executives 

Demands on senior leaders have never been greater. In an atmosphere of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, you need to act more decisively and think more strategically. Today you must possess a level of foresight, agility, and resilience that your predecessors never imagined.

USILD’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) will prepare you to meet those demands and give you the knowledge, skills, and instincts to reach new career heights. In addition to learning the latest business practices, insights, and trends, you will examine yourself as a leader, exploring your strengths and challenges, developing a leadership philosophy and greater leadership presence, and deepening your emotional intelligence. Through your investment in AMP, your greatest potential will be tapped, and you can expect both professional and personal breakthroughs.

This is an advanced management program designed to spark self-reflection, innovation, and collaboration, this advanced leadership course features global case studies, personal assessments and feedback, professional one-on-one coaching, and an array of industry guest speakers. You will build the management skills and global perspective to sustain both corporate and competitive advantage.


Collaborating with USILD thought leaders, a wide range of diverse group of senior executives from around the world, and a professional USILD Executive Coach, you will be equipped and empowered with tools take you into deep-dive of the complex responsibilities and operational challenges of global leadership.

Measure, analyze, and drive corporate performance
  • Deepen your understanding of financial reporting, capital investment decision-making, and performance

  • Evaluate financial statements and recognize important strengths and red flags

  • Assess financial plans and your firm's financing needs

  • Analyze the approaches used to evaluate capital investment decisions

  • Explore the core principles of accrual accounting, cost accounting, and control systems

  • Examine ratio analysis, activity-based costing, the Balanced Scorecard, and risk management

Lead in the global economy
  • Identify the regional trajectories of growth, development, and governmental strategies that are leading the world economy toward globalization

  • Analyze a country's economic performance, evaluate the social and political context, identify its key institutional strengths and weaknesses, and assess its government's strategy

  • Examine national income accounting and balance of payments accounting, inflation and real interest rates, total factor productivity, fiscal and monetary policy, income distribution, and foreign direct investment

Develop a compelling strategy
  • Align business activities to build competitive advantage and renew that advantage over time

  • Set the direction of your business and craft its overarching strategy

  • Evaluate the competitive forces that distinguish highly profitable industries

  • Manage the relationship between the competitive strategy of a business unit and the corporate strategy of an enterprise

  • Overcome challenges that arise when leading a company over time

  • Take strategic actions today that will position your firm for success tomorrow

Build competitive advantage through operations
  • Derive extraordinary work from ordinary people by solving operational issues in quality, availability, and customer service

  • Address current operational challenges and opportunities while anticipating future ones

  • Recognize how you can pull the levers that drive operational excellence

  • Compete on service excellence and new product and service introduction through a better understanding of customer needs

  • Effectively communicate to investors about current operations and planned investments

Lead your company and your career
  • Advance your personal leadership skills and accelerate your role in building and leading a high-performing organization

  • Align the organization's culture, structure, systems, and people to effectively implement your corporate strategy

  • Integrate the skills, talents, and resources of individuals and teams to achieve organizational goals

  • Overcome organizational inertia by mobilizing and driving change across your company

  • Develop and communicate a vision for your organization and motivate people to fulfill it

Plan and conduct successful negotiations
  • Become a more effective negotiator by improving your analytical and tactical skills

  • Design and execute agreements that create and sustain maximum value for all parties

  • Resolve disputes and achieve superior outcomes, even when others are emotional or irrational

  • Think strategically in a wide array of competitive contexts by anticipating the strategies of others

  • Respond to differences in ethical standards during negotiations

  • Work effectively with people whose backgrounds, perspectives, and values differ from yours

Leverage the power of marketing
  • Address the challenges inherent in the customer-facing functions of a firm

  • Maximize marketing, sales, and service to create, communicate, and deliver customer and brand value in a global context

  • Understand the importance of segmentation, targeting, and positioning in today's digital world

  • Create value by engaging customers in the entire process—from product launch to product life cycle

  • Develop effective marketing strategies by integrating new information and interactive technologies

Master the essentials of corporate financial management
  • Navigate the global financial system while creating, measuring, and managing value for your firm

  • Gain a broader understanding of financial markets, institutions, and instruments

  • Delve into the frontier issues of the global financial system

  • Understand your critical role in the valuation of your company

  • Analyze the opportunities for adding value to your organization

  • Evaluate the risks of your decisions in an uncertain and turbulent environment

Living/learning group work

A seven-week program creates the opportunity to build close, trusting relationships with a small, diverse group of peer executives who can understand your challenges—but are not part of your organization. Your living group will stimulate your learning each day as you:

  • Absorb global insights by working with executives from different countries, cultures, and professional backgrounds

  • Share diverse perspectives as you discuss cases and assignments

  • Complete small group exercises and projects as a team

  • Give and receive feedback and advice—both personal and professional—in a safe environment

360-degree assessment

You will assess your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses through a 360-degree leadership and personality assessment.

USILD executive coaching

Our distinctive coaching method is highly integrated into the program to accelerate both individual and team growth. During the first days of starting the program, you and your peers will meet with your coach to accelerate the living group process. Your coach will also help you assess your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses through two one-on-one sessions—one focused on your 360-degree leadership and personality assessment at the start of the program and another focused on your reentry strategy following the program. All coaching sessions are strictly confidential, giving you the freedom to share your personal goals and professional challenges.

Elective sessions for professional and personal development

The program allows you to dig deeply into timely topics that are important to you and your company, such as corporate governance, entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, and digital strategy. In addition, a series of inspirational seminars helps to foster self-reflection and prompt you to rethink, redefine, and reinvigorate your individual leadership approach.

Access to faculty

Members of the Advanced Management Program faculty are often available to meet with you one-on-one and provide new perspectives on your business challenges.

Exclusive access to USILD resources

You will have exclusive access to unparalleled resources that you can use to extend your learning, investigate topics of personal and professional importance, and identify new learning objectives.

  • Usild Community of Leaders Global Network – This community keeps you connected with peers worldwide via webinars, renewal programs, conference-debates, and meetings. You also will have exclusive access to a wide array of support tools, resources, and videos of executive guest speakers.

Exceptional lineup of industry guest speakers

You will have a unique opportunity to hear from some of the business world's most influential and innovative CEOs—often the case protagonists—who share how they overcame diverse business and leadership challenges. USILD thought leaders will be on hand to share their latest research, industry insights, and special expertise.

Program Summary

One Curriculum - Two Formats

Five Consecutive Weeks: On Campus

The on-campus version of AMP is a rigorous five-week program that prepares you to lead decisively by putting you into different leadership contexts that challenge the conventional wisdom and spurs new growth in all aspects of your professional and personal life. The experience is never easy but always rewarding. The curriculum covered and the faculty are the same as the modular version.

Five Consecutive Weeks: On Campus
October 1, 2023 – November 3, 2023
Glen Burnie, MD 

Modular: On Campus and Live Online

Six Modules: On Campus and Live Online
Module 1: May 20 – 25, 2024 • Philadelphia, PA
Module 2: Jun. 12 – 15, 2024 • Live Online (8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST)
Module 3: Jul. 10 – 13, 2024 • Live Online (8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST)
Module 4: Jul. 31 – Aug. 3, 2024 • Live Online (8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST)
Module 5: Sep. 4 – 7, 2024 • Live Online (8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST)
Module 6: October 7 – 18, 2024 • Philadelphia, PA


This format consists of six modules. Modules 1 and 6 are held on the USILD campus. Modules 2 through 5 are live online classes, with each module totaling four days a month. The overall modular design allows for in-depth exploration of key business concepts and provides sufficient time between sessions to put the learning into practice. The modules also allow for cumulative learning within the AMP class that strengthens the learning community, ensuring that each participant builds strong bonds with one another. Also, the convenience of this format allows participants to benefit from a flexible format that covers the same content as the on-campus version without being absent from work for five consecutive weeks.

Experiential Learning

USILD Executive Education is its focus on hands-on learning. Decades of research confirm that lessons are best retained and ingrained when they involve immersing students in powerful, memorable stretch experiences. The program includes intensive simulations and group work, and during the on-campus weeks, a wide range of activities that build leadership and promote teamwork.

Experiential Learning

USILD Executive Education is its focus on hands-on learning. Decades of research confirm that lessons are best retained and ingrained when they involve immersing students in powerful, memorable stretch experiences. The program includes intensive simulations and group work, and during the on-campus weeks, a wide range of activities that build leadership and promote teamwork.

Community Building

During the Advanced Management Program, you will become part of an exclusive community of highly experienced senior leaders from around the world. Your cohort is limited in size to build camaraderie and maximize the peer-to-peer learning exchange as a wide range of sectors, industries, and companies are represented within the group. Together, in a setting designed to foster collaboration and connection, you will explore the latest research and best practices in every business discipline, discussing challenges and trends with USILD’s world-renowned expert faculty, CEOs, and other senior leaders on the front lines of business today.


Unlike similar programs, there are no elective sessions in Advanced Management Program: participants come ready for an active experience and a high level of engagement with fellow participants. You will share your current leadership challenges, and put your knowledge and skills to the test in a variety of stretch experiences and simulations designed to engage and educate. The connections you forge will become a lifelong personal and professional network, keeping the Advanced Management Program experience relevant well into the future.

Program Experience


Highlights and Key Outcomes

In the Advanced Management Program, you will:

  • Develop a highly informed global perspective that will help your organization seize new opportunities and compete successfully well into the future

  • Turn the latest theories and best practices in marketing, finance, strategy, and innovation into actionable strategies

  • Lead with greater purpose and presence to better meet strategic objectives and inspire others

  • Deepen your self-awareness through individual and peer coaching and faculty mentoring

  • Master key leadership skills including negotiating and harnessing the power of emotional intelligence

  • Build a strong global network of peers who will be an enduring source of support, advice, and personal connection

  • Receive USILD alumni status upon completion of Advanced Management Program, becoming part of a global alumni network.

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