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Applying Behavioral Insights to Design public Policy

Behavioral insights and public policy: Can the former be used to craft solutions for the latter? Traditionally, many government policies are designed on the basis of how people should behave and an assumption that this behavioral is rational. Yet both individuals and organizations make many decisions that systematically depart from what is rational. The result? Policies that are ineffective or even backfire.

But using insights gleaned from behavioral economics, psychology and other social sciences, you can craft better policies that have more successful outcomes.

Better Public Policy from Behavioral Insights

Led by a renowned group of scholars and practitioners working in this rapidly expanding field, this program will introduce you to cutting-edge research from various social science disciplines and how these can be used to build more effective policies. You will examine how behavioral insights can inform the development of nontraditional policy tools and why these can be more impactful and cost-effective than traditional policy tools.

Applying Behavioral Insights to the Design of Public Policy  will provide you with:

  • An introduction to behavioral insights

  • Strategies for building more effective polices using behavioral science

  • Cutting-edge research from this field

  • A deep understanding of the factors that drive individual behavior

  • An opportunity to learn from Harvard faculty, researchers, scientists and expert practitioners

  • A lasting network of peers with similar backgrounds and experience

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