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Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration

The senior vice president for finance and administration is responsible for the planning and management of all financial and administrative functions of the USILD. He ensures that all USILD fiscal policies are implemented, and that all appropriate procedures are codified and implemented. He provides regular financial management reports to the president and to financial officers at USILD.




The mission of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration is to connect the academic and programmatic activities and aspirations of the Institute with the financial, physical, technological, and human resources necessary to achieve success. The office provides accurate, relevant, and timely guidance, information, and services to the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy community and external stakeholders.


Through responsible management and a focus on customer service, the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration: 

  • Safeguards the integrity and assets of the institution through the timely implementation and adherence to all applicable institutional, university, state, and federal rules and regulations.

  • Provides meaningful and comprehensible quantitative and qualitative information that supports the achievement of institutional goals. 

  • Delivers high-quality, responsive customer service to the USILD community and relevant institutional stakeholders. 

  • Employs a process of self-monitoring and internal assessment to insure continuous improvement and progress towards the goals specified in department and unit level mission statements and strategic plans.

The following areas report to the senior vice president for finance and administration:

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