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Interpersonal Skills Development

Building Charisma

How to Become a Charismatic Leader?

Elements in the Road of Becoming a Charismatic Leader

Barriers to Successful Persuasion
  • Thinking that you are better than you are

  • Trying too hard to persuade

  • Failing to put in the effort required  to get what you want

  • Talking too much

  • Providing too much information, which just confuses people, and makes them think you are trying to blind them with science

  • Getting desesperate

  • Being afraid of rejection

  • Not being prepared

  • Making assumption about your audience

  • Forgetting that the whole conversation is important

Qualities of a Successful Persuader
  • Good Communicator

  • Well organized

  • Strategic thinking skill

  • Action planning

  • Tact and Diplomat

  • Personal Empowering

  • Empathy

  • Active listener

  • Self-motivation


It takes time, but develop these skills, and you will start to develop ‘authentic power’, which means that you have power because people believe in what you’re saying. Once you have that, you are likely to be much more successful in persuading and influencing others, whether at home or at work.


  • Extraordinary skill in communication

  • Maturity

  • Humility

  • Substance

  • Confidence

  • Compassion

  • Positive Body Language

  • Active Listening Skill

  • Self-monitoring

  • Self-imrovement

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