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Center for Advanced Studies on Diplomacy and Strategy


Usild Center for Advanced Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy

  • School for diplomats, military officers and executives.

  • Partner of the French Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies

  • Masters, Ph.D.

  • Location 1425 K Street, N.W. Ste 350 Washington, DC 2005

  • Website

The Usild Center for Advanced Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy is a higher learning professional program and a think tank dedicated to train high caliber public servants in the field of diplomacy and international relations .

Initially a non-academic institution reserved to serving diplomats and either generals or senior officers , it also admits commissioned officers at large, executives, and senior civil servants linked to the diplomatic career.

Specific relationship with diplomats 

The USILD is a de facto lever of the United States diplomatic influence. the program has received politicians and diplomats from diveres countries.

Research Programs

The Center for Advanced Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy has research vocation. Its faculty and students are engaged in the research programs involving but not limited to the following programs:

  • International global affairs

  • Markets, business, governments,

  • Management, leadership, decision-making

  • Social Urban Policy,

  • conflict

  • Human rights

  • Governance

  • Development





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Areas of Research 


Research at USILD is centred on the USILD Center for Advanced Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy. USILD research activity is guided by a focus on key themes: International Relations, Globecraft and Statecraft, Global Development and Security; Conflict and Climate Change; Culture, Politics, and Society.

How USILD Research Center operate? Researchers identify the thems. This enables collective identification over thems within the School and aims to generate further collaboration and interdisciplinary in our research activities. In addition, the thems provide a basis for internal and external recognition of the main questions and topics that our research addresses. Some research thems host research infrastructures, including centers for research studies, networks, seminar and conferences series.

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