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Comparative Tax Policy and Admnistration

Tax theory is relatively straightforward: The challenge is to adapt basic principles to the complex variety of domestic and international economic, political, social and historical constraints. Oftentimes, that's easier said than done. Our executive program, Comparative Tax Policy and Administration, can show you how to deal with this challenging dynamic.

Designed for Tax Policy Professionals

The program brings together high-level practitioners from government, academia and the corporate sector to look at which elements of taxation work best in addressing particular kinds of challenges. (This contrasts with the alternate approach, which is to advance a unitary “best practice” model of taxation.)

The program discusses issues related to financial inclusion and mobile banking in developing nations.


Developed by the United States Institute of Leadership and diplomacy, comparative tax policy executive program will help you reconcile the universal unpopularity of taxation with your desire to generate significant tax revenue in an economically efficient and social equitable manner.

Comparative Tax Policy and Administration will provide you with:

  • An examination of the latest developments in the design and implementation of tax systems around the world

  • Practical tools to help formulate the most appropriate tax policies and tax administration for your particular environment

  • One-on-one interaction with world-class faculty and leading experts in tax policy

  • A lasting network of high-level practitioners facing similar challenges who will serve as an invaluable professional resource after the program

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