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Driving Government Performance to Achieve Effective Results

Citizens expect from their public executives the "Results." But given limited resources and flexibility, how can you achieve such improvements? What approaches will prove effective in what circumstances? And how can it be measured in a way that motivates both employees and collaborators?

Unfortunately, there is no universal model, no miraculous equation. Every agency is unique and faces its own challenges when trying to fix its performance deficits. However, a coherent collection of leadership strategies for government does exist. And they have—with the necessary adaptations—proven effective in a wide variety of organizations.

Performance Leadership Strategies in Government

Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results is a one-week executive education program that introduces public executives to a diverse set of proven strategies that produce results. Under the guidance of USILD faculty, a performance leadership expert, you'll analyze these principles and learn how to adapt them to improve organizational operation.

Performance Leadership 

Gain insight into leadership performance principles for public agencies in Professor Bob's Behns Performance Leadership Report.


Driving Government Performance will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the results your organization needs to produce to achieve its purpose

  • A set of proven leadership strategies for government to produce those results and improve performance

  • An opportunity to learn from and interact with Harvard faculty

  • A lasting network of peers with similar backgrounds and experience

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