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Advanced Management Program: Transforming  Proven Leaders into Global Executives.

Nations' economic prosperity in this changing world  have  something to do with a government's ability of furthering continuing education of its peers executives and leaders.  

Edward-t Moises

Teaching Team

Prepare for the highest levels of business/government leadership in an immersive four-week program that accelerates personal and professional growth.


Empirical research demonstrates that economic development and growth are influenced by four factors: human resources, physical capital, natural resources and technology. Highly developed countries have governments that focus on these areas. Less-developed countries, even those with high amounts of natural resources, are deemed behind when they fail to promote research in technology and improve the skills and continuing education deemed to transform leaders into global executives.


With a new era of globalization where market volatility and disruptive innovation are changing the way companies compete in every industry—and increasing the demand for business leaders who can manage globally in the age of digital transformation. Whether you are looking to move up to the executive suite or are about to take on greater leadership responsibilities, the Advanced Management Program will help you accelerate your personal and organizational growth.


This career-changing program is designed to bring about a full-scale transformation that empowers executives to lead agile, innovative firms. For seven uninterrupted and fulfilling weeks, you will strengthen your leadership gaps and expand your ability to anticipate change, capitalize on disruptive innovations, and drive performance across domains, industries, and borders.

Key Benefits

Gain new strategic insights, global perspectives, and leadership skills that enable you to lead change, drive innovation, and sustain a competitive advantage.This program is a life-altering experience that will forever change the way you and your company do business. You will emerge from this advanced leadership course better able to tackle your organization's toughest strategic challenges, lead with greater confidence, inspire performance at all levels—and contribute more value as a member of your company's senior leadership team.


After successfully completed this program you will be able to:


  • Manage a global organization by setting the right strategies in place, securing the appropriate financing, and outperforming the competition

  • Deploy a broadly informed global perspective as you evaluate markets, analyze competitive forces, and establish corporate strategy

  • Navigate the global financial system while capturing opportunities to add value to your organization

  • Align business activities with your strategic direction while innovating to maintain competitive advantage

  • Keep growing as a leader by building on powerful insights gained through introspection, assessments, professional coaching, and feedback

  • Build enduring bonds with accomplished peers who span functions, industries, and countries

  • Take advantage of resources for lifelong learning as a member of the global USILD community



Who Should Attend

  • Proven business leaders who hold leadership positions one or two levels from the CEO in large companies and have been identified as central to the company's succession plan—including members of executive committees, heads of major business units, senior heads of functions, and senior members of the operating group

  • Particularly appropriate for: Senior executives with at least several years of work experience, including significant time as a senior executive or company officer

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