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Emerging Leaders

Throughout the world, a new generation of leaders is emerging. But what skills will these up-and-coming managers need to lead most effectively in this new era?

In both developed and emerging nations, the nature and pace of political and economic events demands new ideas, skills and approaches to leadership. The deep-seated "status quo" of how a government "should" operate is no longer a valid solution. That's where our executive education program for emerging leaders comes in.

A Chance to Expand Your Leadership Skills

Emerging Leaders is an executive education program that brings together renowned experts and an international cohort of rising professionals from the United States and abroad for an empowering and energizing week of learning. Using a cutting-edge pedagogy, this program will develop and expand your capacity to be one of tomorrow’s leaders. You will gain the skills and strategic frameworks necessary to capitalize on opportunities and overcome obstacles, returning home inspired to enact change in your country.

Modeled from the book and program designed by the Harvard School of Government founding Faculty Elaine Kamarck, in the program Elain discusses, "Why Presidents Fail And How They Can Succeed Again which examines how the inability to govern effectively is at the heart of recent presidential failures."

What are you concretely going to learn in the Emerging Leaders Executive program? 


The Emerging Leaders executive program will provide you with:

  • Tools to build strong, accountable agencies and institutions at the national, regional and local level

  • An understanding of how to act in real time, mobilizing knowledge for social change and harnessing the power of social media and the internet

  • Skills for fostering trust, negotiating wisely and cooperating successfully in a political environment

  • The ability to make evidenced-based decisions in a world of ambiguity

  • Awareness in key policy areas affecting the well-being of your country and community

  • The capacity to exercise moral leadership within your organization and structure your environment in ways that promote ethical decision making

Session Description

  • The program fee includes tuition, housing, curricular materials and most meals.

  • Executive Certificate: This program is part of the Economic Development, Public Leadership and Public Policy 

  • Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs): This program aligns with one or more Executive Core Qualifications.

Session Dates:

Application Deadline:

Program Director:

Program Fee:______

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