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Exam Logistic

The CORe final exam is a three-hour, multiple-choice, closed book assessment created by USILD faculty and delivered via the USILD Online course platform. The exam is offered to participants after successful completion of the program during a five-day exam window two weeks after the last module deadline. Participants do not need to make appointments to take the final exam.

The exam is divided into three parts — Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting — and you have 60 minutes to complete each section. Each of the three exam sections will feature 45 questions, most of which will be multiple-choice or multiple-selection. You may complete the exams in any order, and do not need to complete all sections in one sitting. Once you begin a section, however, a timer will start, and you'll be graded based on the number of questions completed in that period.

Note: You'll be required to complete each question on the exam before you can proceed to the following one, and you may not edit your answers once submitted. You will not be able to “skip” questions and come back to them. The experience will be similar to your end-of-module quizzes, except that you will not be permitted to use your personal notes or any other study aid, nor will you be permitted to access the CORe course content while taking the exam. You may only take the exam once. We do not offer the opportunity to retake the exam.

You will not receive a score at the end of the exam. Once the exam window concludes, we'll calculate your final grade based on the exam, module quizzes, and participation. A passing exam score on all three courses is required in order to earn the CORe credential.

For more information on grading, please review our Program Policies page. More details about exam delivery will be shared at the beginning of each cohort.

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