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Implementing Public Policy

Are you a public policymaker frustrated with the limited impact of your government’s policies? Do you see many policy ideas starting out with promise but ending up incomplete or ineffectively implemented? Are you trying to improve implementation? 

If so, attend the Implementing Public Policy at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy.
New public policy ideas that promise to solve many of society’s problems are constantly emerging in governments, nonprofit and corporate organizations across the world. Unfortunately, studies show that more than half of these ideas fail during implementation, thus falling short of achieving their intended—and much needed—results. 

Why is policy implementation failure so common? What can be done to overcome challenges and roadblocks so that we can achieve successful policy outcomes more frequently and make real change happen? 


In this program you be taken care of the issues that prevent strong policymakers to effectively implement the policies they care about.

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy designed Implementing Public Policy to equip policymakers around the world with both the skills to analyze policies, as well as the field-tested tools and tactics to successfully implement them. 

This is an innovative and practical skills building program. It builds on the traditional executive accelerated education program experience through a three month engagement that blends online, on campus and applied action learning. 

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