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Wise judgement and effective decision making: In every professional setting across the globe, these are two skills that continue to be essential for success.


Leadership Decision Making is a rigorous, evidence-based program that teaches leaders like you how to design better decision environments—ones that reduce bias and inaccuracy and make your organization smarter. Moreover, the program shows you how to answer tough questions, improve the accuracy of your estimates and structure effective negotiations.

The Decision Scientist

Harnessing the science of judgment and decision making.


A Different Approach To Decision Making

Using the latest research in behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience along with real-time exercises, this executive program will examine both the scientific basis for and the practical aspects of judgment and decision making.

Leadership Decision Making will provide you will the skills to:

  • Design optimal decision environments.

  • Effectively communicate risk.

  • Reduce bias.

  • Negotiate effectively.

Leadership Decision Making

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