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Visionary companies know that long-term success requires a pipeline of emerging executives who can help build and secure a competitive edge. The Program for Leadership Development equips up-and-coming managers with a broader understanding of the global marketplace and a more integrated view of the organization.

A fast-track alternative to the executive MBA, this highly personalized program features two on-campus and two distance-learning modules that focus on accelerating your leadership development. You will return to your organization more confident, more capable, and better equipped to take on new challenges.

Key Benefits

This leadership development program improves your decision-making and leadership skills by deepening your understanding of core business operations. With broader business knowledge, global perspectives, and leadership insights, you will be ready to identify problems, craft effective solutions, and adapt to global market shifts.


  • Spearhead cross-functional initiatives that generate growth

  • Lead and inspire high-performing global teams

  • Become a more confident leader with a strong leadership philosophy and presence

  • Drive innovation and change through a better grasp of the challenges involved

  • Formulate a detailed action plan to address your strategic and leadership challenges

  • Build enduring bonds with accomplished peers who span functions, industries, and countries

  • Take the first step toward becoming a member of the global USILD alumni community

Who Should Attend

  • Specialists and star contributors with at least 10 to 15 years of work experience who have been identified as outstanding prospects for increased leadership responsibilities

  • Managers from any business function and at any level, from project leaders to vice presidents

Past Companies who have Participated in the Similar Program Included:


Google       IBM      Intel      Investec       Merck       Microsoft      Naval Special Warfare      Nokia    Ralph Lauren

U.S. Steel

Program for Leadership Development

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