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The Accelerated Alternative to an Executive MBA.

Executive MBA in Seven Months

USILD Business and Executive Education offers a personalized learning experience that transforms the world’s most promising managers into the next generation of visionary leaders— the Program for Leadership Development


(PLD). PLD Sets You Apart.

Unlike an executive MBA, PLD is tailored to your unique leadership goals and business challenges. Two important components contribute to your personal and professional transformation:

  • A personal case that enables you to address a specific challenge in your organization by developing and refining an in-depth strategy and implementation plan throughout the program

  • A competitive Alumni Challenge that fosters global teamwork as you and your living group collaborate online to solve a real-world business issue

  • One-on-one professional USILD Executive Coaching sessions and facilitated team meetings that help you realize your true leadership potential


Fast-Track Your Career.

Often compared to a rapid-fire MBA, PLD is designed for specialists and star contributors who have at least 10 to 15 years of work experience and have been identified as outstanding prospects for increased leadership responsibilities. Focused on leadership, change, and innovation, PLD equips you with a broader understanding of core business functions and deeper confidence in your decision-making skills. You will emerge with a personal action plan for advancing your leadership goals—and strengthening your company’s competitive edge.

Become an Authentic Leader. 


Ideally suited for busy professionals who want to expand their leadership skills with minimal downtime, the rigorous PLD curriculum is tailored to achieve a singular goal—accelerate the development of emerging business leaders. Delivered via four intensive modules that take place over the course of seven months, the compressed format is designed with your responsibilities in mind. The two on-campus modules require a total of four weeks away from your job.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of business functions and amplify foundational skills to integrate these functions across your organization

  • Examine new techniques and technologies for driving results throughout your company in any market cycle

  • Deepen your understanding of management, business drivers, and innovation to drive meaningful change across industries and borders

  • Improve your strategic ability to identify problems, formulate solutions, and adapt to global market shifts  

  • Expand your capacity to lead high-performing global teams and generate future growth amid challenging markets • Develop a leadership philosophy and presence that reflect greater confidence, decision-making skills, and strategic insight Is PLD Right for You? Each PLD cohort reflects a world of talents, functions, industries, and cultures to ensure a truly global learning experience. PLD participants typically have 10 to 15 years of work experience,

and are recognized as outstanding prospects for increased leadership responsibilities.


Letter of Reference.

USILD Business and  Executive Education requires that a letter of reference be completed by a senior executive within the applicant’s organization, a board member of the applicant’s company, or a USILD or any Business School graduate familiar with the applicant’s role and responsibilities who can provide a detailed firsthand account. This letter of reference provides the Admissions Committee with a better understanding of your background and your potential as a leader.


Boost Your Corporate Impact.

Through the active learning that takes place in the personal case and the Alumni Challenge, PLD participants not only broaden their management and leadership skills, but also build greater self-awareness and confidence. Their bosses, peers, and subordinates, on the other hand, note that participants interact with their teams and colleagues more productively, engage with senior executives more proactively, and lead cross-functional initiatives and corporate projects more successfully

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