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Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Advancement

Throughout history, nonviolent social and political movements have had a significant impact on the world, starting conversations, shaping politics and serving as the beginning for incredible change. Many believed such accomplishments and results were impossible.

Leading an effective nonviolent struggle demands new ways of thinking and strong collaboration among many diverse groups. Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Progress is an online executive program that explores the elements of effective leadership, including collaboration, strengthening the strategic capacity of leadership teams, tactical flexibility and innovation, and negotiation.

Who should attend

Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social Progress is designed for those engaged in nonviolent social movements around the world who wish to deepen their understanding on the subject and collaborate with others who pursue like purposes and efforts.

Recommended applicants include:

  • Activists from nondemocratic countries fighting for democracy

  • Activists from democratic countries leading social change projects (e.g. climate change activists and organizations, social justice, human rights, rights of workers, immigrants etc.)

  • Social entrepreneurs, directors and managers of NGOs with focus on human rights, democracy promotion, conflict resolution etc.

  • Future or actual employers in governmental or international organizations who are dealing with conflict areas (e.g. UN agencies, diplomats, organizations promoting democracy and freedom such as Freedom House, NDI, IRI, IREX, Google Ideas,, Avaaz)

The program is particularly recommended for those in countries where nonviolent training is discouraged or forbidden, but who can safely engage in an online setting, and for those working through the dilemmas of leadership in currently active campaigns.

Learning outcomes

This program about leading nonviolent movements is a unique opportunity for you to interact with others around the world who are engaged in similar efforts. Highly interactive, it will challenge you to think strategically and help develop the skills you need to lead a successful campaign.

The Leading Nonviolent Movements program will focus on:

  • Developing the frameworks and skills essential to a successful nonviolent struggle

  • Examining the tactics and strategies needed to build numbers in a non-violent struggle

  • Providing a systematic opportunity for nonviolent social movement mid-level leaders to learn from the experiences of peers and through the coaching of USILD/CANVAS* instructors

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