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Legal, Moral & Spiritual Dimensions within a Transformational Leader Deemed to Drive Changes in the New Era of New International Disorders

In this era of  imperfect world where the power of darkness tends to drive humankind's decision-making process,  exercising leadership expected to drive changes raises serious legal, ethical and metaphysical considerations of which exerts great impact of influencing changes in individuals, organizations, communities, nations, or  our world at large.  More than ever,  this new era of unfaithfulness world driven by new international disorders needs bestowed leaders whose leadership practice are founded on moral and divinely bestowed patterns and whose actions and decisions are rooted not only in sound moral judgment but also driven by a deep understanding of metaphysics dimensions associated with a bestowed purpose entrusted within the sphere of a such transformational leader's mission. In fact, a leader pretending of being received a call as a change maker and who falls to identify and understand his divinely-bestowed purpose in the cause in which he advocates with is deemed not only to hit a wall but also, his divinely given privilege can be blocked by the power of this world and this would make it difficult or impossible for him/her to cross the line of abyss.

​Program Approach

Guided by Edward-T Moises, JD, PhD; "Legal, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions within a Transformational Leader"  is an intensive five-day executive program examining issues by exploring insights from hermetic and metaphysics considerations, adaptive leadership modeled on Moses and Christ's leadership, moral psychology, professional ethics, and rule in accordance to a higher law. This program will introduce you to a new model of leadership designed to strengthen your ability to shine light in the midst of darkness, weigh difficult moral decisions and exert influence regardless of your level of authority.

Tolerating the difficult moral trade-offs that inevitably arise when having to make hard decisions in real-world situations requires a skill set that tests the capacity of most leaders. By advancing a multilayered theory of practical ethics, hermetic and metaphysics,  "Moral and Spiritual Dimensions within a Transformational Leader Deemed to Drive Changes"  will help you understand your own God's bestowed purpose and mission and cultivate the necessary skills to make better moral decisions that align with your leadership's mission.

Program Outcome

After completion of the program you will:

  • be able to apply metaphysics principles that assist change makers drive the changes;

  • be able to Identify your unique divinely bestowed leadership mission;

  • acquire deep understanding of the role ethical, cultural, religious, and moral principles play in how lawmakers and other public officials formulate and execute public policy;

  • learn a set of metaphysics skills that connect a leader to the universal energy that control the universe;

  • learn on how to use universal energy for the purpose of effecting change within the scope of a bestowed mission of a transformational leader.

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Who is a transformational leader?

A transformational leader is an individual who seeks to get people to face difficult challenges, modify their values, and accomplish something significant. The program explores what kind of leadership and change is needed in the world today given that the forces of globalization generate tremendous opportunities and formidable dangers for nations and villages alike.


Who is right for this program?

The program is appropriate for leaders in government, religious leaders (pastors,...), political actors, business, non-governmental organizations, journalists, and professors. It is also appropriate for an individual working at the local level on community challenges or the national or international level working on global challenges.

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