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Mobilizing Your Board

The board of a nonprofit organization can be among its greatest assets. Yet, as you may have experienced, boards often fall short.


The press of short-term issues. Troubling group dynamics. They all can interfere with a board’s capacity to engage in meaningful and consequential governance—and your ability to drive success for your organization.

But in Mobilizing Your Nonprofit Board, you'll learn the practical skills and conceptual frameworks that will help you lead more engaged boards.

Learn Practical Response Skills

Mobilizing Your Nonprofit Board program is designed specifically for executives in nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations who want to tap into the full array of talent and energy within their boards.

This nonprofit board governance executive program is organized around a conceptual framework for overcoming the “micro-governing” that so often leads to low-value, high-maintenance boards. The program will help you understand how both all parties can re-frame their work to support more effective and consequential governance.

The program discusses the question – can a nonprofit organization have both a visionary leader and an engaged, empowered board?


Based in part on Ryan’s book, Governance as Leadership: Re-framing the Work of Nonprofit Boards, the program explores four key topics:

  • Key concepts of governance as leadership

  • Identifying and responding to practice challenges

  • Simulation: case study of a difficult board situation

  • The challenge for executive leaders

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