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Negotiation Mastery Course
Immerse Yourself in Real-World of Negotiation

"Negotiation Mastery equips you with the skills to close deals that might otherwise be deadlocked, maximize value in the agreements you reach, and resolve differences before they escalate into costly conflicts."

Key Concepts
  • Understand negotiation dynamics and how to prepare for uncertainty

  • Learn to craft agile strategy and be quick on your feet in changing circumstances

  • Resolve small differences before they escalate

  • Secure maximum value for your organization and yourself

  • Reflect on personal behaviors and refine your approach to be more effective

Usild Difference

Negotiation Mastery emphasizes an understanding of both analytical tools and interpersonal techniques for dealing effectively with different bargaining styles and tactics.

Who Will Benefit
Negotiation Professional

Hone your negotiation skills and develop strategies and techniques to achieve success at the bargaining table


I negotiate strategic partnerships for my company, and Negotiation Mastery has given me additional skills that I have put into practice and have resulted in much more successful agreements.

Value-Driven Individuals

Develop the negotiation skills needed to maximize value in your everyday life, from negotiating a raise to buying a car.


I am paying more attention to how my clients perceive the value of my services. I find myself rephrasing their statements to confirm their true needs.

Early and Midle-Career Professionals

Gain the necessary skills and confidence to grow your career and successfully negotiate at work, on the job hunt, or in day-to-day conversations.


As someone that does negotiations as part of my job, I found Professor Wheeler’s Negotiation Mastery course to be both thorough and valuable. This course provides fresh insight and best practices to help maintain ethical standards, while creating and claiming greater value in future negotiations: whether you will be buying or selling a home, getting a new job, working with international business partners, or anything in between. 


4 Modules, 30-40Hours

Module I (8-10 hs)

Introduction to Negotiation Analysis: Finding the Zone of Possible Agreement

Identify your walkaway, manage the exchange of offers, and close the deal.

Key Concepts:

  1. BATNA Analysis

  2. Psychological Factors

  3. Offer Analysis

  4. Bargaining Tactics

Featured Exercises:

  • Negotiation simulation (Negotiating a Single Issue Agreement: Buying/Selling a Unique Property

  • Peer feedback

Module 2 (8-10 hs)

Advanced Negotiation Analysis: Creating Value

Generate value when there is uncommon ground, manage situations under different and complex scenarios, and dig into the fundamental tension of creating and claiming value.

Key Concepts:

  1. Multi-Issue Analysis

  2. Overcoming Barriers to Value Creation

  3. Case Study: Unshrinkit

Featured Exercises:

  • Negotiation simulation (Rijas and Vericampos: Negotiating a Long Term Service Contract)

  • Peer feedback

Module 3 (8-10 hs)

Managing the Negotiation Process: Bargaining Tactics, Style, and Emotion

Examine the relational dimension of negotiation and explore interpersonal dynamics, bargaining styles, tactics, and emotions.

Key Concepts:

  1. Debriefing Discount-Hawkins

  2. Negotiating the Relationship

  3. Managing Emotions

Featured Exercises:

  • Negotiation simulation (Discount and Hawkins: Crafting Terms and Conditions)

  • Peer feedback

Additional Considerations:

  1. D-H Onboarding

  2. Emotionally Preparing for Negotiation

  3. Bergaining Style: A first glance

Module 4 (8-10 hs)

Negotiation Mastery: Forging Agreement within Groups and Organizations

Apply themes and issues from the course to real life scenarios and negotiate effectively within groups and organizations.

Key Concepts:

  1. Negotiation Mastery

  2. Negotiating Compensation

  3. Navigating Challenges

Featured Exercises:

  • Negotiation simulation (Negotiating a Job Offer: Building Relationships)

  • Peer feedback

  • Capstone assignment

Additional Considerations:

  1. BB Onboarding

  2. BGS' Challenge

  3. Concluding exercise

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