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Doctora Programs

Full-time programs are available for candidates pursuing PhDs in public, social, and health policy, and political economy and government.

PhD in International Public Policy.

With the United States Institute of Leadership and diplomacy's  Ph.D. in International Public Policy, you can be prepared to address some of the most important policy issues facing your community, your nation, or our world. The purpose of our Ph.D. in International Public Policy is to prepare you for senior roles at all levels of government and in every sector of society where expertise in crafting effective legislation and regulations is needed to create policies driven by ethical values of shinning light in the midst of darkness, policies that put into action the values of  liberty and justice.

This program will enable you to lead the charge in critical decision-making for more efficient, responsible, and ethical governance.  The divine principles forming the core of your coursework will emphasize the importance of applying the rules in accordance to a Higher Law  into management practices. The goal is to design and develop models susceptible of fighting against influence of the forces  of darkness in the governing systems.

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