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Organizational Leadership Course Outline


Chapter 1  Managing and Performing

Chapter 2  Managerial Decision-Making

Chapter 3  The History of Management

Chapter 4  External and Internal Organizational Environments and Corporate Culture

Chapter 5  Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, and Sustainability

Chapter 6  International Management

Chapter 7  Entrepreneurship

Chapter 8  Strategic Analysis: Understanding a Firm’s Competitive Environment

Chapter 9  The Strategic Management Process: Achieving and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

Chapter 10  Organizational Structure and Change

Chapter 11  Human Resource Management

Chapter 12  Diversity in Organizations

Chapter 13  Leadership

Chapter 14  Work Motivation for Performance

Chapter 15  Managing Teams

Chapter 16  Managerial Communication

Chapter 17  Organizational Planning and Controlling

Chapter 18  Management of Technology and Innovation



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