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Performance measurement is essential for determining an organization's effectiveness. For nonprofits, however, the ideal metrics are not always easy to identify. Indeed, to improve the effectiveness of a nonprofit organization—especially during difficult economic times—senior executives and board members must first assess current performance.

Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations explores the impact of measurement on resource allocation, organizational learning, internal processes and internal and external accountability. This executive education program can help improve nonprofit effectiveness. How? By showing you how to use performance measurement to enhance your organization's ability to deliver on its mission amid the challenges of today's business environment.

The program discusses the key factors of Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations.


Enhance Your Organization's Performance

Through classroom exercises, group discussions and individual coursework, you'll examine the rationale behind nonprofit performance management and conceptualize a new performance measurement and management system for your organization. The program will improve your ability to:

  • Align your organization's mission, strategy and internal performance.

  • Strategically apply organizational performance management.

  • Assess and respond to external demands for accountability.

  • Institute and sustain organizational performance measurement systems.

Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations was developed by The Social Enterprise Initiative at Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education and The Hauser Institute for Civil Society.


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Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations

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