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Intensive High Potential Leadership Training Certificate Session

High Performing for Senior Executives

Take Your Executive Skills to the Next Level


  June 17 - June 22, 2024

    Live -Online


5 days of intensive training

6   hours of commitment per day

30 hours of total efforts for 5 days


US $4,950

Application fee:

US $150


Live - Online

In-person option available at USILD Campus

In today’s complex, ever-changing world, management expertise is not enough to drive change and ensure success: You must also be a leader. That means you need a skill set defined by the ability to build coalitions, drive results and performance and guide organizational change.

Senior Executive Performance is the preeminent professional development program for public sector executives who want to sharpen their leadership and managerial skills. It's designed for GS-12/GS-15 federal employees and their corporate sector, international and military counterparts.

A Different Approach

Led by renowned USILD faculty and expert practitioners, this immersive four-week executive leadership skills program will not provide you with the answers to specific challenges. Rather, you will learn a strategic approach and framework for problem-solving, conditioning you to ask the right questions. You'll immediately take on a leadership role in the classroom and gain the tools necessary to look at issues from a new perspective.

This leadership skills program incorporates the United States Government's Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) for Senior Executive Service (SES). Many government agencies require it as part of their Senior Executive Services (SES) Candidate Development Programs (CDPs).


An Emphasis on Transformative Leadership

The program emphasis about the benefits of transformational leadership and character for organizations.

Senior Executive competencies  will enable you to:

  • Gain the skills for impactful, effective leadership.

  • Learn from the world’s top educators, researchers and practitioners.

  • Share experiences and build a lasting network with peers from the U.S. and international governments.

  • Become a member of the USILD global community of leaders network.

Program components

Program is strategically designed around three program components: assessment, experiential learning and individual development.

Assessments – Participants take the USILD’s premier Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI), a robust 360 degree feedback assessment by supervisors, peers and direct reports if applicable. The results guide the learner and course development objectives. Additional assessments may include determining personality types and conflict management styles.

Experiential Learning – Participants engage in activities inside and outside of class designed to develop core competencies. Certain activities serve to meet these program requirements:

  • Retention of a Mentor

  • Leadership Development Plan

  • Action Learning Team Project

  • Two eight (8) Week Developmental Assignments or One sixteen (16) Week Assignment

  • Senior Executive Services (SES) Interviews

  • Shadow Assignments

  • Leadership Book Reviews

Individual Development – During the four one-week training sessions, participants receive instruction focused on the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) framework. Classes include lessons in the leadership mindset, leading in a changing environment, creative and innovative practices in leadership, and vision as a leadership catalyst.


Throughout the program, participants continue to build a network of peers across agencies, challenge one another, and expand their resume of accomplishments. Participants also complete an Action Learning Project by the end of the program that requires teamwork outside the training sessions and tackles a real-world problem or challenge faced by an agency.

Benefits to participants
  • Are challenged to get out of their comfort zone in ways that build resilience, confidence and understanding of what it takes to be a leader at the highest levels.

  • Work on real world problems they might not know anything about with a team of people they have never worked with to produce results with real impact.

  • Learn about best practices in key leadership and fundamental competencies tied to the Executive Core Qualifications.

  • Gain insight into challenges faced by other departments, organizations and senior leadership across the government, private and nonprofit sectors.

  • Develop a network of peers they can continue to rely on for support.

Benefits to organizations
  • Retain, support and grow their talent.

  • Gain insight into best practices in leadership across the public, private and government sectors.

  • Have access to training with proven success for 30 years.

Admission requiremnets


Participants must meet all program requirements —NO exceptions made. To review requirements, visit our programs page at


To apply, you must have reviewed the program requirements, been granted approval by your agency(supervisor and training coordinator, if applicable) and be at a GS 12-15 level or equivalent. Please also check with your agency or training coordinators to determine whether there is an internal competitive process or other agency requirements for participation.

Before you apply:

Have your supervisor write and sign a recommendation for you that is a minimum of 250 words.

Have an updated version of your resume.

Write a personal statement that is a minimum of 250 words stating why you want to be in the program.

When you apply:

Select the apply button. You will be prompted to enrollment instructions and offered the possibility to set up a Usild account unless you have one already. This will be your log in for accessing all course materials. (If setting up a new account, make sure to click on the final “submit” button.)

Answer questions and upload required documents.

Once the application is received and reviewed, you will receive notification of status and guidance on next steps. If you require ADA accommodations, please let us know and go to ADA for additional information.


Instructions for tuition payments can be obtained by clicking the blue button bellow.

Please contact us at 202-987-7724 for further information.

Cost:  US $4,950

Application Fee: $150

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