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Program & Management Analysis - Level 1 Certificate Program

Program Description


The Program & Management Analyst’s role is generally associated with a wide variety of analytical assignments. Our curriculum provides a valuable analytical foundation for those working in a Program & Management Analysis role, as well as those interested in building core analytical skills.

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy's Certificate of Accomplishment for Program & Management Analysis includes three levels of achievement. The first level will provide an introduction to management analysis and provide a foundation for working with data. The second level is designed to provide more intensive instruction in analysis and an analytical view to approaching work. The third level is focused on applying analytical skills. The three levels include courses in analysis, technology and communications, among other skills.

Participants must complete the program within four years.

Course Name
Course ID
  • Writing for Results

  • Clear Writing through Critical Thinking

  • Clear Writing through Critical Thinking (Virtual Instruction)

  • Writing for Results (Virtual Instruction)

  • Introduction to Management Analysis (Virtual Instruction)

  • Introduction to Management Analysis







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