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Senior Executive Leadership Program—Middle East


Change is everywhere in the Middle East today, as many countries seek to diversify their economies and encourage new industries. The region's complex business environment includes distinct political and economic conditions in each country—and an uncertain global economy. That's why businesses seeking the best opportunities for growth in the region need exceptional leaders—executives who are bold decision-makers, global thinkers, and skilled strategists.

Taught in a series of modules offered in Angola, this business management program will help you become a stronger leader who can deliver value in a global context, drive new levels of innovation, and build accountable, high-performance organizations.

Key Benefits

The Senior Executive Leadership Program—Middle East prepares you to make the bold market moves and internal changes needed to foster business growth and strong performance. You will emerge prepared to contribute to your company's success on a more strategic and senior level.


  • Think strategically, seize growth opportunities, and compete successfully, regionally and globally

  • Foster the innovations that will improve your organization's ability to deliver value to customers

  • Lead authentically and ethically at all levels and foster a culture of accountability across the organization

  • Build confidence in yourself as a leader, decision-maker, and negotiator

  • Develop enduring bonds with accomplished peers who span functions, industries, and countries

  • Take advantage of resources for lifelong learning as a member of the global USILD 


Who Should Attend

Experienced senior executives who are general managers or functional leaders, particularly those assuming new responsibilities or driving new growth initiatives for organizations that have experienced success within the Middle East, on their own or with regional partners.


Participating Companies Have Included:

 Deloitte   /   Emirates REIT  /    Equate  /  Finance House    /  The Royal Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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