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You will equip yourself as an expert-African leader for the 4th Industrial Revolution with cutting edge leadership, strategy and innovation skills applicable across Africa and beyond.

Senior Executive for Africa

In the face of weak governance and growth globally, Africa is looking inwards. The signing and ratifying of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA) is progressing well. Deep regional integration will help transform the continent. Further negotiations, as well complementary cross-border infrastructure, will be necessary to significantly increase exports and productivity. While optimism, the 54 independent countries that constituted Africa face a distinct set of social, economic, and political conditions that create unique business challenges — along with exciting opportunities. To achieve their considerable potential, Africa’s businesses needs, to an even greater extent, executives capable to design and execute effective strategies for growth within and beyond the continent. These leaders must also excel at creating innovative offerings, nurturing high-performance teams and organizations, and navigating rapid change in Africa’s dynamic markets. 

To build these exceptional leaders, the Executive Education of the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is expected to deliver Program for Senior Executive Africa. Designed to strengthen your leadership skills and build your insight into local, regional, and global markets, the program explores the proven approaches of successful leaders in Africa and around the globe, preparing you to compete effectively, seize the region’s many growth opportunities, and sustain success for your organization.

Key Benefits

Focused on helping growing businesses in Africa and beyond develop greater leadership capacity, this intensive program empowers you to look critically at the business as a whole—and build and lead a high-performance organization. You will emerge better prepared to make the bold market moves that foster business growth. After completion, you will be able to:


  • Think strategically and find innovative approaches to business challenges

  • Seize growth opportunities and compete successfully in a complex global economy

  • Improve your organization's ability to deliver value to customers

  • Lead authentically and ethically at all levels and foster a culture of accountability across the organization

  • Build confidence in yourself as both a leader and a decision-maker

  • Develop enduring bonds with accomplished peers who span functions, industries, and countries


Who Should Attend

Experienced senior executives who are general managers or functional leaders, particularly those assuming new responsibilities or driving new growth initiatives.


    Washington, DC

     United States 

Date: _______________


    Luanda - Angola

Date: _______________

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