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Skills Workshops

Skills Workshops

  • Behavioral Interviews: Behavioral interviewing is a technique used by employers to find out how you behaved in real situations rather than hypothetical ones. The idea is that past behaviors are the best predictors of future success. This workshop focuses on how to prepare for these interviews so you can demonstrate skills and competencies through your previous experiences.

  • Cover Letter Strategies: Learn how to write a cover letter that communicates to the employer that you are the best fit for the job. Learn to read job descriptions and investigate company websites to find out what the employer values in a candidate. The workshop will cover writing style, letter formats and other cover letter dos and don’ts.

  • Developing a Personal Career Plan: Learn to use the Center’s Personal Career Plan as a roadmap to direct your professional future. This workshop will focus on self-assessment, internship and job targets, self-marketing, networking and goal-setting. Your Personal Career Plan will help make sure your career path reflects your goals and aspirations.

  • Effective Resumes: Learn how to develop a resume that will persuade employers to bring you in for a closer look. This workshop emphasizes professional resume formats and characteristics that are geared to getting you interviews. The focus of this workshop is on professional written presentation. (Note: Individual resume critiques are not offered during the workshop. Students can make appointments with center staff for individual resume critiques. Sign up for an individual resume critique appointment here.)

  • LinkedIn Lab: LinkedIn is a powerful marketing and networking tool you can leverage in your job/internship search. Learn how to use LinkedIn tools and resources to expand your contacts and your personal brand.

  • Negotiating Job Offers and Salary: Evaluation skills are key when weighing job options, salaries and benefits. This workshop will provide a framework to better evaluate your options. Strategies for discussing salaries during interviews as well as negotiation tips will be reviewed. Information on negotiable non-salary benefits will be covered as well. The workshop will address proper protocol for accepting and rejecting job offers.

  • Networking and Informational Interviews: Developing a professional network can be an overwhelming undertaking. Learn how to set goals and facilitate networking and informational interviewing. The workshop will focus on research and preparation, networking, interviewing, follow-up and staying motivated. Students will use the Center’s Personal Career Plan as a guideline to stay motivated and focused.

  • Successful Interviewing: The interview requires you to bring together your knowledge of a position/company and your ability to articulate how your skills and background are a fit. Learn how to use the job interview to your best advantage. The workshop will focus on interview preparation, behavioral interviewing and pitfalls to avoid during an interview.

  • Working a Career Fair: Why is it that only a few job seekers come out of a career fair with tangible prospects? How can you effectively present your qualifications through a one-minute pitch during a career fair? Gain insights into how a career fair can make a difference in your career plan. The workshop will focus on your goals and preparation, information presentation and follow-up.

  • Your 60-Second Pitch: “So… tell me about yourself.” How do you respond to this invitation in a concise and purposeful manner? This workshop will help you assess your skills and experiences and develop a personal brand or pitch you can use to confidently introduce yourself to networking contacts and prospective employers.

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