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Strategic Leadership Studies

The Department of the  Strategic Leadership Studies of the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy trains officers for the Defense Forces, and Seniors public and private Executive leaders. Participants are empowered with tools that permit them understand the use of force for political means to establish the relationships among tactics, operations, strategy, and policy. Program prepares participants for a variety of career pathways including aerospace, national security, cybersecurity, intelligence, defense, analysis, and research. They are expected become expert expected to master the dynamics of national decisions-making and policy response. Participants will be learning through a role-play simulation methods, and rides to historic battle sites to examine critical decisions and strategies.

The United State Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is a think tank institution. Within the scope of its initiative of "shining the light in the midst of darkness", USILD promotes ideas that move national security policies away from engaging in unnecessary search of unfair competitive advantage to avoid conflicts that drive to a war. It also advancees the idea of incorporating the model of  decisions-making based on the rule in accordance to a higher law within the goal of fostering good cause and equity in the pursuit of international peace.

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