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Building and Leading Organizations of Diversity

Research has shown that making the most of diversity can exponentially improve your organization's impact, as well as strengthen relations among employees, clients and the community. It can be said that diversity is an asset to any organization.

Building and Leading Organizations of Diversity is a one-week executive program designed for leaders of public, private and nonprofit organizations who want to learn effective strategies for leveraging diversity. This program explores the role of diversity in creating strategies that both improve organizational effectiveness and relationships with diverse populations.

Increase Effectiveness through Diversity

Chaired by Dr. Robert Livingston, this diversity executive program will challenge you to think deeply through issues both internal and external to your agency or company. You will discover how diverse organizations realize performance advantages by attracting the best and brightest while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the differences in your workforce and in your community.

Program discusses "the teddy bear effect" of Professor Livington of Harvard Kennedy School and examines the question: does having a baby face benefit black chief executive officers?


Strategies for Building and Leading Diverse Organizations will provide you with a greater understanding of:

  • The importance of diversity

  • How a diverse workforce can improve performance

  • How to structure a diverse organization

  • Strategies for building better relations with the community

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