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Partnership Programs

The United States institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is renowned for its ability to train senior executive leaders including diplomats, political leaders, CEOs, and litigator lawyers. We understand the way today’s leaders want and need to learn. We prepare diplomats, political and business leaders to compete in a highly complex and very competitive environment. For that reason, many industry associations, professional trade groups, and universities choose the United States Institute of Leadership and diplomacy as their academic partner for the design and delivery of world-class executive learning solutions.

Learn about the programs we offer with our partners:

  • Academic: In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania or other world-class academic institutions across the globe

  • Industry Associations: In collaboration with leading industry associations and their membership communities

Academic Partnerships

The United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy frequently partners with international business schools, as well as other academic divisions of the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies of Paris, to offer individuals a variety of immersive learning opportunities.

Programs Offered in Partnership with Other Schools

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