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Leadership Competencies Level III - for Supervisors

Supervisory Competencies

Objective: Build skills that emphasize exercising influence and authority, knowing when to lead and when to manage, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that values and leverages differences.

Audience: New federal supervisors or supervisors in their first year (completes the new supervisor training requirement). This often includes, but is not limited to, employees in grades GS-13 through GS-15.

Duration: 5 courses: 2 core courses; 3 electives courses. 2 weeks

Tuition: $4,500*

Leadership Courses for Non-Supervisors

We offer a variety of leadership courses for non-supervisors, those looking to progress to higher levels, and leaders seeking further development, including new or experienced team leaders, project managers, supervisors, and managers. View our full course schedule or learn about specific courses and programs below

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