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Crisis Leadership



Despite great improvements in crisis prevention and strategic management, serious predicaments can elude even the best laid plans. As a leader in your organization, you must be prepared. This course offers invaluable guidance to help you navigate complex, unanticipated situations.

Through case studies, interactive exercises, and simulated crises, you’ll learn to identify your personal strengths in relating to others when facing a threat, as well as how to manage relationships before, during, and after a crisis


  • Decisiveness

  • Influencing/Negotiating

  • Problem Solving

  • Resilience

  • Team Building


  • 4 days


  • Online


After studying strategic approaches for assessing and tackling high-pressure situations, you can return to work with new-found confidence and readiness to handle the unexpected. You’ll learn and apply crisis leadership skills, including:

  • Strategic approaches for managing risk and analyzing information, which help you identify emergency situations and assess your own biases under pressure.

  • Why sharing your crisis leadership experience with other Federal leaders will help you develop an invaluable cross-agency network of colleagues for ongoing support.

  • Strategies to manage new information effectively to help you make informed decisions when time is of the essence.

  • How to create and lead a crisis team, delegate responsibility, and marshal resources quickly and efficiently.

  • Why developing team building, team development, and decision-making abilities helps meet the increased demands of a crisis situation.


Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in crisis pre-incident planning, response, recovery, or mitigation.

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