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Leadership Assessment Program Level 1



Successful government rests heavily on the effectiveness of managers, yet agencies may be unaware of how to nurture and guide new leaders to foster the future of good government. As a new leader in your agency, you can take the first step by attending this course and creating a comprehensive development plan for continued leadership growth.

Through intensive assessments and self-analysis, you’ll receive personalized feedback from assessment specialists, superiors, peers, and subordinates to gain greater self-awareness and understanding of how your own strengths and areas for development can impact team collaboration and dynamics.

In a formally structured session, you will receive feedback and suggested actions for improving performance from trained executive coaches on selected assessment instruments:

  • OPM Leadership 360

  • Conflict Style Assessment

  • MBTI

  • Energy Profiler


  • Conflict Management

  • Decisiveness

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Oral Communication

  • Problem Solving


  • 5 days


  • Online

How You'll Benefit

This course will kickstart your current and future leadership performance. By pairing assessments with team activities and coaching, this course will help you understand how personal behaviors affect workplace interactions:

  • Creating a personalized leadership plan will enhance your potential by filling gaps between your strengths and areas of improvement.

  • By defining your personal and team values and vision, you’ll foster resiliency and team building while improving your written and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Understanding differences in personal temperament, energy, and leadership competencies will help shape both your individual and team’s performance to maximize effectiveness.

  • Completing personal assessments that measure personality, leadership competencies, and personal passions will help you better understand yourself and improve engagement with your team.

  • Personalized, comprehensive, and confidential feedback and guidance from assessment center specialists will create a safe, nurturing environment to enhance your leadership growth.

  • Performing a case study analysis with feedback and critiques from instructors, coaches, and peers across government will help illustrate a real-world picture of the importance of self-awareness and development plans.

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