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Conflict Management




Tense, emotional and awkward situations can wreak havoc in the workplace by escalating stress and undermining productivity. This course will help you resolve difficult or uncomfortable situations and turn disagreements into productive workplace discussions.

Through instructor-led discussions, small group activities, and role playing, you will have multiple opportunities to practice the conflict resolution skills needed to boost morale, increase effectiveness, and improve results within your organization.


  • Conflict Management

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Oral Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Resilience


  • 4 days


  • Online

How You Will Benefit


  • Learn to conduct a conversation with another person that helps each of you to be heard and reach a mutually acceptable solution

  • Practice proven conflict resolution strategies that emphasize actionable decisions over emotional responses

  • Understand how to build and mend relationships in the wake of tense situations

  • Identify ways you can achieve mutually acceptable results for everyone involved

  • Learn to maintain composure around difficult people and minimize their negative impact

Who Should Attend

From aspiring leaders to managers who wants to transform uncomfortable workplace conversations and conflicts into productive solutions.

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