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Personal Branding: Develop Your Leadership Brand


As an emerging leader in government, realizing your potential is an essential part of your commitment to public service. Your presence -- who you are, how you show up, and what you do -- determines your reputation. Your reputation impacts your effectiveness in advancing public sector goals, and over time, builds your leadership brand.

Your leadership brand is centered on what drives you to lead – it reflects your passions, ideals, strengths, and perceptions from others. It’s what inspires others to follow you, and ultimately, support your agency and the whole of government. Your brand and reputation should also reflect the organization’s mission, vision, and values. The character of your brand is as relevant as your competencies to perform tasks and motivating others.

While competencies represent your ability to perform tasks and motivation demonstrates your willingness to fulfill requirements, your personal leadership brand will determine your ability to articulate your character, reflecting your purpose and your identity.


  • Integrity/Honesty

  • Political Savvy

  • Public Service Motivation


  • 2 days


  • Online

How You Will Benefit

Through self-assessment, deep reflection, case studies, and small group exercises, you’ll learn how a personal brand can support your own leadership development and the success of your agency. You’ll be guided in defining, develop, and implementing a leadership brand by:

  • Gaining insight on how others see you through developmental feedback.

  • Discovering and refining your purpose.

  • Identifying characteristics that define and articulate your leadership brand.

  • Gaining clarity on leadership brand potential.

  • Evaluating and creating a leadership brand philosophy.

  • Crafting a plan for consistent implementation of your brand.



Who Should Attend

Federal employees in grades GS-11 to GS-12, project and team leads, front-line supervisors, and high-potential emerging leaders.

Other Competency: Self-Awareness

Pre-Course Work: Complete a self-assessment and provide evaluators to assess your brand prior to course.

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