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Supervisory Development 2: Leadership Foundations


Every public-sector organization relies on management to get the job done. As a front-line supervisor, you are uniquely positioned to motivate others and boost morale within your teams. This means you’re not only expected to problem solve and strategize, but also practice effective leadership to foster a high-performing workplace.

You are on the frontlines every day, whether working directly with your employees, customers, or other stakeholders. Your ability to motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce through change and challenges is dependent upon your effectiveness as a leader. This course will give you valuable insights into workplace motivation and employee engagement, empowering you to adapt your leadership approach to best support your agency’s strategic vision.

This course can be combined with Supervisory Development I: Fundamentals for a two-week long immersion to integrate leadership with the basics of supervision. When taken together, the weeks do not have to run consecutively.


  • Conflict Management

  • Developing Others

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leveraging Diversity

  • Oral Communication


  • 5 days


  • Online


This course will develop your capacity to move employees from middle-of-the-road performance to striving for excellence. You’ll expand your role as a supervisor by:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the different ways people learn, think, and conceptualize to modify your style to work more effectively with others.

  • Learning workplace conflict strategies that foster a shift from impasse, to resolution, to transformation.

  • Exploring the concepts of employee motivation and engagement.

  • Networking and learn from peers in other federal agencies facing the leadership and supervision challenge.

  • Applying and practicing these skills to real workplace scenarios.

  • Developing strategies for applying learning to the workplace.



Who Should Attend


  • New frontline supervisors and existing supervisors who have not yet completed formal leadership development training.

  • Frontline supervisors who want to refresh their understanding and refine their approach to leadership.

  • Individuals with supervisory functions.


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