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Executive and Leadership Development Program

Graduate Level Executive Diploma/Certificate 
(2024-2025 Session)

​As you embark on your journey as a Usild Talents and Values Acquisition Program (UTVA), you will be invited to participate in the USILD Fellows Leadership Program (FLP).  Participation to this program is only by invitation. The FLP is designed to give you a cohort-based developmental experience that prepares you for future leadership in any Organization, or Government Agency High-level position. The program is designed to help Fellows identify the values they hold and how those values can lead to making a difference in their respective organizations or governments and in their role as private or civil servants. Through self-assessment, intensive small group discussions, team challenges and their professional individual development plan (IDP), fellows will be guided through critical executive and leadership competencies and have opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

The UTVA Program has partnered with experts from Executive Institutes (EI) - the Leadership & Management Tank Think at USILD , and the Process & Performance Improvement Program. To learn more about Leadership Development and the educational courses offered, please go to

These accredited executive and leadership diplomas or certificates are designed for executives, typically with an upper-second class undergraduate degree or equivalent at a minimum, and at least some relevant work experience.


There is no application fee, however, as the program is very competitive and the places are limited, there is a security deposit of $100.00 to secure your spot. The security will be refunded or adjusted to your tuition. 

We welcome enquiries from potential applicants and would be very happy to discuss the program with you in more detail.

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