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Extraordinary Leadership



Federal managers are constantly honing their leadership skills. As a leader, how can you build leadership skills that generate success for you, your teams, and your organization?

You can elevate your position as a good manager to that of an extraordinary leader by focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses, and by developing these strengths in combinations.

In this course, you’ll gain competency in multiple areas, accelerating your leadership performance beyond incremental improvements in a weakness. You’ll also gain insights into your own leadership style and abilities through two leadership assessments: StrengthsFinder 34 and the Hogan Development Survey.


  • Accountability

  • Continual Learning

  • Decisiveness

  • ECQ 3: Results Driven

  • Integrity/Honesty

  • Interpersonal Skills


  • 4 days


  • Online


Through a combination of lectures, small group discussion, experiential learning, and individualized coaching, you’ll learn to develop and implement attributes and competencies of extraordinary leaders:

  • Modeling and promoting personal accountability to benefit the organizational culture.

  • Practicing integrity and honesty to recognize different ways to resolve ethical situations.

  • Developing interpersonal skills by practicing openness and approachability to employees at all levels.

  • Exercising continual learning by developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to address areas for growth.

  • Demonstrating decisiveness by selecting, implementing, and evaluating optimal decisions based on desired outcomes, value, costs, and risks.


Who Should Attend


  • Federal managers and those moving up to manager positions.

  • Those in formal leadership roles with direct reports (supervisors, managers, branch chiefs, etc.)

  • Individuals without direct reports (scientists, engineers, lawyers, project or program managers, PMFs, etc.)

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