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Empowering Students with Accredited Professional Credentials; Upskilling to Make Students Become Economically Self-sufficient

Millions of Youngs, victims of human rights violations, an increasing number of them face deprivation, exclusion, insecurity, and voice-lessness. It is widely accepted that the vicious cycle of poverty is the result in part of the lack of adequate education and skills, health issues, and lack of opportunities. Orpe Human Rights Advocates has vocation of restoring human dignity through upskilling people with vocational education and training. We are a nonprofit working for the benefits of people. Programs are intended to move lives from the status of insufficient income to the status of self-sufficient income. Vocational and Training programs are specifically tailored with the idea of transforming lives from where they are today, to where they should be tomorrow. Programs are administered by the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy.


Certificates/Diplomas Accredited under Professional Development and under the Aegis of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates

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