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Government leaders, whether in a formal or informal leadership position, rely on face-to-face communication to connect with and influence peers, supervisors, employees, and internal and external stakeholders. Through this course, you will enhance your interpersonal communication skills for more productive workplace interactions.

Through presentations and interactive group exercises, this course will cover key techniques for getting the most out of your interpersonal interactions. During the course, a professional communication coach will help you master effective one-on-one communication using video feedback, public sector case studies, and individual and peer feedback.


  • Conflict Management

  • Influencing/Negotiating

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Oral Communication

Communication Face-to Face


  • Recognize and enhance your own communication style.

  • Study and adopt interpersonal techniques used by great communicators.

  • Develop and demonstrate key communication skills in small group, real-world, relevant simulations.

  • Practice strategies to defuse intensity during difficult conversations and interactions.

  • Create a personal map and process for improving specific skills.


    Who Should Attend

    Those wishing to master the art of building productive relationships through improved communication and understanding.

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