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Graduate Level Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership - Program Schedule

The diploma combines the highest standards of academic rigour with a practical approach to resilient and strategic leadership.

Central to the design of the Usild Executive Diplomas is the dual focus on the academic theory (and 'thinking') behind current organizational and global challenges, and the practical approaches ('doing') through which to successfully navigate them.  

The Usild Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership offers a unique focus on the twin topics of leadership and the organizational landscape over four core modules.

Note: The USILD Graduate Level Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership is a senior level executive and leadership program and is very competitive. Places are limited. You will not be able to access Modules until your application has been approved. You will be provided with student ID and USILD email that will permit you register and login to USILD students Portal. You will find your access PIN in the approval letter. Access to student's portal will provide you with the ability to manage your scholarship and financial aid(s), pay your tuitions, manage courses and classes, certificates or diplomas. It also allows you to exchange communications with faculty, Usild administrative team, peers and improve professional connections and networking.

Modules I
Leadership foundamentals
  • Managing change

  • Motivation and incentives

  • Team building

  • Organizational culture

  • Managing people with effectiveness

  • Organizational design

Modules II
The strategic mindset
  • Goals and strategies

  • Competitive advantage

  • Industry analysis

  • Strategy and change

  • Global strategy

  • Managing the multi-business enterprise

  • New ways of engaging people in strategy processes

Modules III
The strategic leader
  • Foundational approaches to the work of leading

  • Leading through formal structures, including hybrid organisations

  • Leading through networks and relationships

  • Leading through meaning and sense-making

  • Speciality topics from cutting-edge Usild research, for example:

  • global mindset for leaders

  • ‘both/and’ thinking and action

  • social networks for action

  • implementing on distributed innovation

  • governance and ambiguity

  • managing risk

Modules IV
Building resilience as a leader
  • Creating high-quality connections

  • Managing toxic relationships at work

  • Building individual resilience

  • Capacities and capabilities for organisational resilience

  • Developing a generative approach to leadership


Modules one, two and three are assessed by submissions and/or examinations. Module four is assessed by an extended Final Integrative Assignment (FIA) related to your organization or industry.

Participants must pass all four modules to be awarded the diploma certificate by the Executive Education Council of the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy at the end-of-course ceremony.

Study Commitment

Previous participants have estimated that the study commitment in between modules is approximately six to eight hours per week for the duration of the diploma program. This time is spent completing the allocated pre-reading prior to each module and preparing for the four assessments.

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