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Program for Leadership Development:  Accelerating the Careers of High-Potential Leaders

An Accelerated Alternative To An Executive MBA Program

At the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy Executive Education, we offer an accelerated alternative to an executive MBA program—the Program for Leadership Development. Unlike traditional executive MBA programs, this unique learning experience is specifically designed to fast-track your career by addressing your leadership objectives, business challenges, and professional development goals.

Often compared to a rapid-fire executive MBA program, the Program for Leadership Development features a compressed format, a personal case study that highlights a real-life organizational challenge, facilitated team meetings with accomplished peers from around the world, and one-on-one professional coaching sessions aimed at helping you develop your own leadership style .

If you are a specialist or star contributor with at least 5 to 15 years of work experience and have been identified as an outstanding prospect for increased leadership responsibilities, the Program for Leadership Development might be right for you. Through a rigorous curriculum focused on leadership, change, and innovation, you will emerge with a personal action plan for advancing your leadership goals—and strengthening your company's competitive advantage

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