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Staying Positive in Difficult Times


Challenges seem ever-present in today’s changing environment. Many government leaders like yourself may find it difficult to stay positive when the world around you is uncertain. When negativity is coming at you from all sides, even the most optimistic person needs a little boost of positivity!

This course will help increase your resiliency by uncovering the ways in which positivity impacts our perspective, presence, and performance. You’ll learn how to remain positive over the long term, whether it be staying grounded and grateful, drawing optimism from increased mental strength, or effectively handling criticism and difficult situations.


  • Continual Learning

  • Resilience


In this half-day course, you’ll learn how to improve your resilience during change and difficulty by:

  • Understanding the psychology of positive thinking.

  • Recognizing the internal and external causes of negative thinking and its impact on performance.

  • Employing techniques to shift your attitude and behaviors toward a positive mindset.

  • Discovering methods to reduce the impact of workplace negativity.

  • Creating a roadmap for success with a results-oriented action plan.


Who Should Attend

This course is open to all government, nonprofits, and private sector employees.

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