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Executive Development Program

In today’s economy, business leaders are being tested in unimaginable ways. Preparing for the challenges ahead requires gaining new business acumen, updating leadership skills, and cultivating a different mindset that embraces uncertainty and rapid change. Usild’s Executive Development Program (EDP) prepares rising executives to move from mastery of one focused area to success in a role with greater responsibility, readying them to lead their organizations through the massive disruption happening in industries everywhere.

In EDP, participants will expand their business acumen in key areas such as finance, marketing, and strategy. Taught by Usild’s world-renowned faculty, the program also includes intensive executive coaching by Usild-trained coaches and entry to a cohort of global peers from a wide variety of industries and job functions.

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Program Experience

Highlights and Key Outcomes

In the Executive Development Program (EDP), you will:

  • Build capabilities for leading cross-border teams across functions and countries

  • Strengthen business acumen in core areas such as finance, marketing, operations, management, and strategy

  • Test and improve your leadership, resilience, agility and critical-thinking skills through a realistic business strategy simulation

  • Network and forge new business relationships with global peers from around the world

  • Work with an executive coach to develop your leadership skills one-on-one and through the simulation team experience

Experience & Impact

The Executive Development Program (EDP) is designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of managers who aspire to be among top leadership in their organizations. EDP takes a multidimensional approach to learning, combining lectures, small/large group discussion, case study, role playing, networking opportunities, executive coaching, and an immersive strategy simulation to provide new insights and give participants opportunities to apply them. During this multi-week program you will:

  • Advance your strategic decision-making capabilities to think faster and more creatively about current challenges, opportunities, and solutions

  • Deepen your understanding of organizational dynamics to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives and avoid destructive conflicts

  • Gain knowledge in core areas of business, including finance, marketing, operations, management, and strategy based on current research and best practices

In EDP, there will be several structured and focused opportunities to engage with a cohort of seasoned business leaders, and build your professional network. The intensity of class sessions reflect the experience in the group, with teamwork providing opportunities for each participant to both share and benefit from the vast expertise in the classroom. Small-group work on the simulation and group projects plus optional after-hours meetings promote a spirited camaraderie that leads to deep and lasting connections.

Session Topics:

  • Value-Based Decision Making

  • Operational Excellence and the Link to Financial Performance

  • Marketing Strategy: How to Compete in an Age of Disruption

  • Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

  • Strategic Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions: From Decision Making to Implementation

  • Executive Negotiation Workshop

  • Leading with Character and Integrity

  • The Leader’s Brain

  • Scaling for Profitable Growth

Pathway to USILD Alumni Status

For EDP participants with standing senior management experience, EDP completion can serve as a potential pathway to USILD Alumni Status. Upon successful application to our General Management Program (GMP), and within 12 months of completing EDP, it can serve as one credit toward the six required to complete the GMP and earn alumni status.

The GMP provides a further opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and business acumen with a flexible curriculum. Learn more about GMP »

Upon completion of the GMP and qualifying for USILD Alumni Status, you will be eligible to receive:

  • Full access to become a member of Usild Leadership Network

  • Invitation to attend future Usild Global Alumni Forums

  • A Usild email address

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