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Effective Writing for Leaders


Whether producing budget justifications, regulations, or performance plans, the ability to prepare clear, concise written documents is an essential skill for federal leaders. This course helps you develop your writing skills so you can effectively convey your message to any audience and advance your goals.


  • Influencing/Negotiating

  • Political Savvy

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Technology Management

  • Written Communication


Experts will review and critique your work as they guide you through the process of writing federal documents. You will:

  • Explore basic writing methods that focus on outlines and effective content organization.

  • Examine various writing styles and format and understand the appropriate contexts in which to use them.

  • Identify your target audiences and understand how to write powerfully and persuasively for them.

  • Receive personalized, expert feedback to continue polishing your writing after you have returned to the workplace.

  • Learn to formulate your message to compel your target audience to act.

  • Strengthen critical writing skills needed to help you gain vital support from your peers, team members and superiors.



Who Should Attend

Employees at any level who are interested in improving their writing skills and potential within the Federal Government.

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