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Elevate Your Impact as a Resilient, Strategic Leader
Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership

Leading with certainty in the ‘Age of Uncertainty’

The new configuration of the world does show a picture of peace and stability. It’s undeniable that the ‘Age of Uncertainty’ is upon us, bringing with it market turbulence, stunted growth and political change. In unprecedented times, leaders bear the burden of balancing the scales, from the needs of the employer versus those of employees, to prioritizing agility and innovation along with structure and strategy. The best leaders are the ones who master this balance, calmly addressing complex challenges with confidence and clarity. 

The Usild Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership creates meaningful connections between experienced leaders, enabling them to share best practices, experiences and develop practical professional tools to effectively navigate change, lead with purpose, and strategically respond to future challenges.

Immersive, interactive and rigorous, this part-time, master’s-level program consists of four modules taught in person in Usild over one year:

  1. Leadership fundamentals

  2. The strategic mindset

  3. The strategic leader

  4. Building resilience as a leader

Upon successful completion, you will graduate from this diploma program with a deeper understanding of your executive influence, the practical tools to develop as a senior leader and to respond effectively to unprecedented business scenarios, and the advanced capabilities required for the most challenging leadership roles.

Program Profile (2023-2024)

This rigorous academic program offers a unique focus on the twin topics of leadership and the organizational landscape in which leaders work.

You and your class

You and your peers will be experienced professionals, specialists and C-suite executives, who are looking to: 

  • Learn from other seasoned leaders, developing the tools and personal leadership style needed to accelerate their careers 

  • Broaden their perspective and advance their knowledge of effective leadership practices to lead effectively 

  • Sharpen their strategic leadership approach to navigate unprecedented business challenges 

  • Connect with other executives to expand their global network and formalise their leadership capabilities, ready to pivot into a new industry 

  • Develop a strategic approach to successfully lead, develop and scale their ventures

Program profile (2023-2024)

Study alongside a diverse range of executive peers from around the world, sharing experiences and gaining fresh insights.

60 Projected class size; 42 Average age; 20 Nationalities' 23 Employment sectors; and 43% Female students

I truly believe that this has been the most transformative development experience that I have had as a leader so far. Speaking to like-minded peers helped me to open myself up and to connect with my sense of self and purpose on a deeper level.


To you

  • Accredited, master’s-level Usild qualification  

  • Meaningful connections with experienced global leaders 

  • Sharpened approach through leader-to-leader learning 

  • Study part-time and immediately apply your learnings 

  • Learn from world-leading faculty 

  • Expand your global professional network 

  • Access latest research and insights

  • Become a resilient leader 

  • Enjoy exclusive Usild benefits (see below) 

To your organization

  • Retain and nurture top talent to support organizational development and succession planning 

  • Benefit from participant diversity that encourages thinking beyond the bounds of individual organisations, geographies and sectors 

  • Gain practical solutions to address their greatest challenges through the findings from your Final Integrative Assignment (FIA)

  • Usild experience


Usild Experience

You will benefit from a variety of unique Usild experiences.


  • Dinners with your cohort at Usild historic Institute 

  • An Usild Union-style debate 

  • Executive insights sessions to enrich your learning

  • Executive impact workshops to help you elevate your presence

  • Social events such as punting, college visits and walking tours 

  • Associate Usild Executive membership 

  • Membership of the prestigious Leadership Institution of Usild alumni network and Usild Leadership Network, upon successful completion of the program

  • Traditional Usild end-of-course celebration event with family and friends 



Our outstanding teaching team brings access to cutting-edge research, a wealth of industry experience and the ability to present complex concepts and lead high-level executive debate.

  • Zolania Moses

    Academic Director and Professor of Organizational Behavior

  • Marte Morgan

    Associate Professor in Management and Organization Studies

  • Eva Green

    Professor of Strategic Management

  • Robarton Daniel

    Associate Professor of Strategic Management

  • Osvaldo Magno

    Professor in Organizations and Impact

  • Sulana Dharla

    Associate Dean for Executive Education and Senior Fellow in Management

  • Rose Deyton

    Lecturer in Organization Studies

  • Edward T Moises

    Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership

  • Alvarito Linda

    Associate Professor of Management Practice

I feel incredibly optimistic about the future – not only because of what I have learned and gained from the course, but also because of the networks and opportunities it has given me. It is a real door opener.







A route towards the Usild Executive and Public Leadership


Whilst the Diploma in Organizational Leadership is a stand-alone postgraduate qualification, the program also offers a route towards the Usild Executive and Public Leadership. Should diploma participants choose to pursue the Executive MBA, or Public Leadership Master and gain a place on the program, they will receive exemptions from four module assessments, as well as a fee reduction. Attendance will be required at all modules, regardless of assessment exemption.


How to apply

This program is designed for experienced professionals, with at least five or more years' work experience.


This accredited organizational leadership diploma is designed for experienced executives, typically with an upper-second class undergraduate degree or equivalent at a minimum, and at least five years’ relevant work experience.

We welcome enquiries from potential applicants and would be very happy to discuss the program with you in more detail.




Total Usild Executive Diploma Fees$14,890


Executive Leadership at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy is a competitive program and places are limited. There is no application fee, however, there is a $349.00 fee to secure a module place for a member of Usild Global Network of Great Leaders. A non-member of the Usild Global Network of Great Leaders will pay a fee of $449.00. The $14,890 total Executive Leadership Diploma program fees cover tuition costs, course materials, essential reading texts, assessments and associate Usild membership. Lunch and refreshments are provided daily, and there is a special evening dinner with your cohort during each module. Accommodation is not included in the fee. You should make arrangements to stay at USILD during the modules.


Meet the faculty
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