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Executive Diploma (Master) in Organizational Leadership
Leading with Certainty in the "Era of Uncertainty"

The new configuration of the world does not show a sign of peace and stability. Undeniably, the ‘New Era of Uncertainty’ is upon us, bringing with it global insecurity - market turbulence, stunted growth and political change. In unprecedented times, leaders bear the burden of balancing the scales, from the needs of the employer versus those of employees, to prioritizing agility and innovation along with structure and strategy. The best leaders are the ones who master this balance, calmly addressing complex challenges with confidence and clarity. 

The Usild Executive Diploma in Organizational Leadership creates meaningful connections between experienced leaders, enabling them to share best practices, experiences and develop practical professional tools to effectively navigate change, lead with purpose, and strategically respond to future challenges.

Immersive, interactive and rigorous, this part-time, master’s-level program consists of four modules taught in person in Usild over one year:

  1. Leadership fundamentals

  2. The strategic mindset

  3. The strategic leader

  4. Building resilience as a leader

Upon successful completion, you will graduate from this diploma program with a deeper understanding of your executive influence, the practical tools to develop as a senior leader and to respond effectively to unprecedented business scenarios, and the advanced capabilities required for the most challenging leadership roles.

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