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Usild Pathway to Executive Leadership, Diplomacy, & International Affairs

Continue your journey with the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy


We do believe that the Usild Executive Diplomas can be just the beginning of your story in the path of becoming a high-caliber great leader of  a great purpose.


Whilst approximately 30% of diploma participants already hold an master degrees, the  Executive Diplomas also offer a route towards the Usild  Graduate Certificates /Master's in: Political Studies, International Affairs and Diplomacy.

The Executive Diplomas offer a deep dive into key specialisms covered more broadly by the Executive MBA, Master's in Public Leadership, Diplomacy, and International Affairs and are designed for experienced professionals to deepen their knowledge, refine their advanced capabilities and sharpen their approach. The Usild Graduate Executive Leadership Programs are a perfect next step for those who wish to enhance their capabilities even further in the broader context of global senior leadership and entrepreneurship.

Designed as a part-time, modular program delivered in one-week blocks over one year, the Executive Master's programs enable public leaders, politicians,  diplomats, and entrepreneurs to drive innovation and navigate change for their organizations in a broad range of challenging global contexts whilst continuing to work full-time – without compromising on the learning experience.

Although the Executive Diplomas are stand-alone qualifications, diploma participants can apply to pursue the Usild Executive Masters/Executive MBA towards the end of their studies or afterwards. Should diploma participants gain a place on the program, they will receive exemptions from some module assessments, as well as a fee reduction. Attendance will be required at all modules, regardless of assessment exemption.

There is no time limit on the fee reduction and exemptions are valid for five years. The earliest Executive Leadership class potentially accessible for diploma pathway participants is the September of the year after starting the diploma.

Please note that there is no automatic right of transfer to the Usild Executive Maser's program and diploma students will be considered on the basis of their Executive Master's application.

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