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Earn Your B.S. in Christian Leadership & Management

Combine your talent for business with your heart for Christ. The Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership & Management will prepare you to integrate your faith with critical business skills that you can apply in a variety of settings. Whether you’re called to a blend of business and ministry or just looking to expand your biblical studies, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to support your unique calling. You’ll also examine personal spiritual formation and growth, as well as strategies that can be used to facilitate formation and growth in church and parachurch ministry.

  • Study strategies for effective stewardship of assets, capital and resources.

  • Learn to develop budgets, recruit and hire staff, and manage employees and volunteers.

  • Analyze organizational culture and the effect it has on leadership decisions.

  • Cultivate your understanding of the Bible and how it applies to leadership and ministry.

Career Opportunities
  • Executive Pastor/Pastoral Leadership

  • Ministry Entrepreneur

  • Nonprofit or For-Profit Operations Director

  • Missions/Social Services Professional

  • Communications Specialist

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