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Grow Your Business Internationally

"In this program, you'll learn how global events affect markets and businesses and the ways in which economics and political science can help us seize opportunities and avoid or manage risks." Global business program will help participants assess opportunities, mitigate risk, and create and capture value for their organization

Module 1

Macroeconomic and Political Analysis

Interpret data on countries’ macroeconomic and political performance.

  • Inflation

  • Introduction to the Macroeconomic View

  • Middle-Income Countries


  1. The World Is Big

  2. Case: Unidentified Countries

  3. Beyond a Country's Borders

Module 2

Economic Conditions and Your Business

Understand the effects of taxation, government spending, and monetary policy on the business environment.


  1. Fiscal Policy

  2. Monetary Policy

  3. International Influences

  4. Labor Productivity

Featured Exercises

  • Current Accounts, Financial Accounts, and a Country’s Strategy

  • Hedging Exchange Rates

Module 3

Political Order and Disorder

Understand the role of government in the modern economy and analyze political risks to business strategy.


  1. The State

  2. The Role of Government

  3. Democracy and Alternatives

  4. Long-Term Growth

Featured Exercises

  • The Median Voter Theorem

  • Sources of Long-Term Growth

Business and the Interconnected World

Module 4

Understand how cross-border flows of goods and capital affect firms’ and nations’ competitive positions, and analyze the effects of environmental change on the competitive landscape.


  1. Trade

  2. Cross Border Investment

  3. Immigration

  4. Energy and Sustainability

  5. Peace and War

Featured Exercises

  • Absolute vs. Comparative Advantage, the Production Possibilities Frontier, and Trade

Climate change, environmental degradation, and inequality are some of the world’s most pressing issues, and there’s reason to believe businesses can lead the way in finding solutions. But how can you help?

This guide lays the groundwork for building the skills needed to define your purpose, make the case for corporate social responsibility to internal stakeholders, further your education, and help enact change.

Complete the form, and download our free guide on becoming a purpose-driven, global business professional.

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